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A beautiful dream by grace of Goddess Mahalaxmi :

A beautiful dream by grace of Goddess Mahalaxmi :

When i was in Mumbai working as a faculty , i used to go to a small Lord Ganesha mandhir . In this temple theres a beautiful statue of Godess Mahalaxmi. She looks so beautiful and divine. We can really feel her caring eyes on us when we stand in front of her. Ofcourse Mahalaxmi personaly to me is a goddess of protection . She protects her devotees with so much of love and care.The fact that Goddess Mahalaxmi blessing her devotees with wealth, good career and basically prosperity is because she cares for us.

How to spell Mahalakshmi : The right way to pronounce mahalakshmi comes by "MahaLAKSHmi" but i wondered why many use the word "MahaLAXmi" . Though personally i feel "mahalakshmi" is the right way to call her, to satisfy the devotees who search net by using term, "Mahalaxmi" , i wrote "Mahalaxmi" in some places.

Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple :

Since i am a ardent devotee of shirdi saibaba and goddess Malalaxmi devi , i desired to have darshan of Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur. Its situated in Maharastra state india , in the banks of river pancha ganga.

Story of Goddess Mahalakshmi temple , Kolhapur :

Goddess Mahalakshmi is truly a goddess of protection which can be evident from this history behind the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple. Kolhasur, a demon was giving troubles to the people and later killed by Mahalakshmi to save the people. The demon Kolhasur has a last wish that thename of the place benamed after him.

Kolhapur is mentioned in Devi Gita, of the Srimad Devi Bhagawatam, as a great shakti peetha , Place of worship for goddess Shakti.

"Devi spoke:..."O King of Mountains ! I am now telling something out of My affection to My Bhaktas. Hear. There is a great place of pilgrimage named Kolhapura in the southern country. Here the Devi Laksmi always dwells...."

My desire to have prasad of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi :

It was surprising that my first student was from Kolhapur ( he worked in mumbai , hometown in kolhapur ). The day i met him itself i told him that i need prasad of Kaolpur mahalakshmi. He agreed with smile to provide me someday.

I used to visit the Ganesha temple on way to my institute and pray to the little beautiful Mahalaxmi statue in this temple. As i wrote before, she really has a pleasing powerful smile and eyes .I used to bend a lot and some how offer flowers or a lemon fruit to Goddess Mahalaxmi. In this temple Goddess Mahalaxmi will be in standing pose and bless her devotees.

Now listen to the dream i had which inspired me to learn the importance of offering flowers to Goddess photo or statue everyday in our house :

Got coconut , Kumkum and some Akshadha prasad from Kolhapur Mahalakshmi :

On july 5th 2008, my student sanjay called me with a smaile and gave me a cover saying " Aapka Prasad ". It seems his brother has cometo mumbai from Kolhapur and has got me this great prasad of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi .

Beautiful dream by grace of Mahalakshmi devi :

I forgot that my student has given mahalakshmi prasad and slept keeping the bag near me. In the morning aroung 6.30 A.M , i woke up and remembered that the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Devi prasad and coconut are only with me in the bag.

So i took out the prasad bag , there was a coconut , kumkum and some thing sweet to eat. I had little sweet prasad and slept saying playfully

"i am going to sleep now mahalakshmi will come in my dream"

I laid down again remembering saibaba and mahalakshmi . I really din't requested Mahalakshmi to come in dream .At times i ask to saibaba to come in dream and bless me but when it doesnt happen i get upset (i write this because devotees who doesnt get dreams of goddess and sai must not get upset. Its natural to bless different bhaktas in different ways )

Really friends, I got a dream as below

In the dream ....

"I am coming around a temple. The temple is like a beautiful garden . Theres a little seperate temple i for Goddess mahalakshmi. shes beautifully colourfully painted Mahalakshmi Statue. I look at her with affection and come around the temple. After some time i saw a man in his 40's expressing the power and sacredness of this mahalakshmi to group of devotees standing in front of the goddess.

The man was expressing his love for Goddess Mahalakshmi by telling her greatness so that everyone will be benefitted by showing devotion to Mahalakshmi devi.

While this man is loudly telling about greatness of Mahalaxmi to her devotees, i continue to come around the little temple.....after some time , i stop pradhikshana and stare at the beautiful face of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Now, the man takes a Jasmine garland in his hands and beautifully offers it to the beautiful Mahalakshmi statue.I am watching it standing in the side, when the man is offering the garland the other devotees could not see her , since i stand in the side just me and the man is now able to see Mahalaxmi.

As soon as the garland goes around the face of MahaLakshmi devi, she lifts her chin and opens her lips a little bit as if the Goddess is divinly accepting the garland and giving blessing to me with that beautiful smile..

Oh god, how can i write in words the beautiful natural and very caring, affectionate smile of my Mahalakshmi. I really loved her from bottom of my heart and this moment also i bow to Goddess Mahalakshmi for her kindness in blessing me with her smiling and powerful eyes. Its shows her love on innocent devotees .

Lesson from the beautiful dream :

What i learnt from this beautiful dream friends...

1. God expects our love , pure habits and helping tendency . If we do our duty with love and always remember Gods name and form , Goddess will bless us with good friends and surroundings so that we lead a simple divine life.

2. After many days i continued to get dreams of lord Ganesha with flowers ....

I realized to spread the message that its very auspicious to offer flowers to Gods photos and Gods statues in our house

. Especially if you have Goddess Mahalakshmi or any Goddess statue or photos in your house, please offer flowers, atleast a single flower to them regularly. Ofcourse you can also see shirdi saibaba as Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer him flowers.

During Shirdi Saibabas life time, Sai used to tell his sweet devotee tarkad affectionately like this

"Hey Bhau, i am none other than Goddess Lakshmi and while sitting in this dwarakamai i would never utter a lie "

How beautiful are these words of saibaba friends. ...

I invite you to read in other website made especially for Goddess Mahalaxmi devotion and Mahalakshmi pooja

You can try to do mahalakshmi pooja and also

Please offer flowers to Goddess statues or Goddess Photos in your house :

Its my humble request, please be happy to offer flowers to Goddess Photos and statues in your house regularly. Almost everyday... Am sure many will be already doing this "Flowers offering " to Sai and the God , Goddess they love and hope this experience of mine inspires you to offer flowers with more happiness and devotion.... Pure devotion !

For many years i wrote the greatness of lighting lamps , today i feel satisfied that Sai made me sit all night and write the greatness of offering flowers !

II 108 Names of Laxmi ji II

II 108 Names of Laxmi ji II


Prakruti Nature
Vikruti Multi-Faceted Nature
Vidya Wisdom
Sarvabhootahitaprada Granter of Universal Niceties
Shraddha Devoted
Vibhuti Wealth
Surabhi Celestial Being
Paramatmika Omnipresence
Vachi Nectar-Like Speech
Padmalaya Residing On The Lotus
Padma Lotus
Shuchi Embodiment of Purity
Swaha Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)
Swadha Shape of Swadhadevi
Sudha Nectar
Dhanya Personification of Gratitude
Hiranmayi Golden Appearance
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth
NityaPushta Gaining strength Day By Day

Kantha Consort of Vishnu
Kamakshi One with Attractive Eyes
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the Lotus
Anugrahaprada Granter of Good Wishes
Buddhi Wisdom
Anagha Sinless
Navadurga All Nine Forms of Durga
Harivallabhi Consort of Lord Hari
Ashoka Dispeller of Sorrows
Amrutha Nectar
Deepa Radiant
Lakashokavinashini Remover of Universal Agonies
Dharmanilaya Establisher of Eternal Law
Karuna Compassionate
Lokamatri Mother of the Universe
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus
Padmahasta Having Lotus-Like Hands
Padmakshya Lotus-eyed
Padmasundari Beautiful Like the Lotus
Padmodbhava One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus
Padmamukhi Lotus-Faced
Padmanabhapriya Beloved of Padmanabha
Ramaa Pleaser of the Lord
Padmamaladhara Wearer of Lotus Garland
Devi Goddess
Padmini Lotus
Padmagandhini Having the Fragrance of Lotus
Punyagandha Having Divine Perfume
Suprasanna Ever Cheerful and Beaming
Prasadabhimukhi Emerging to Grant Boons
Prabha Radiant Like the Sun
Chandravadana Moon-Faced
Chanda Cool Like the moon
Chandrasahodari Sister of the Moon
Chaturbhuja with four arms
Chandrarupa Moon-Faced
Indira Radiant like the Sun
Indusheetala Cool like the Moon
Ahladajanani Source of Happiness
Pushti Healthy
Shiva Auspicious
Shivakari Source of Auspicious Things
Satya All Truth
Vimala Pure
Vishwajanani Mother of the Universe
Pushti Possessor of All Wealth
Daridriyanashini Remover of Poverty
Preeta Pushkarini One with Pleasing Eyes
Shanta Full with peace or Calm
Shuklamalambara Wearer of White Garland and Attire
Bhaskari Radiant like the Sun
Bilvanilaya Resider Under Bilva Tree
Vararoha Ready to Offer Boons
Yashaswini Reputed
Vasundhara Daughter of the Earth
Udaranga Endowed with a Beautiful Body
Harini Deer-Like
Hemamalini Having Golden Garlands
Dhanadhanyaki Bestower of Wealth and Foodgrains
Siddhi Ever Ready to Protect Straina
Soumya Showering Goodness on Women
Shubhaprada Granter of Auspicious Things
Nrupaveshvagathananda Loves to Live in Palaces
Varalakshmi Granter of Bounty
Vasuprada Bestower of Wealth
Shubha Auspicious
Hiranyapraka Amidst Gold
Samudratanaya Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk
Jaya Goddess of Victory
Mangala Most Auspicious
Devi The Deity
Vishnuvakshah Residing in Vishnu's Chect
Vishnupatni Consort of Vishnu
Prasannakshi Lively-Eyed
Narayana Samashrita Sought Refuge in Narayana
Daridriya Dhwamsini Destroyer of Poverty
Devi Goddess
Sarvapadravanivarini Dispeller of all Distresses
Mahakali A Form of Kali
Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva
Trikala dnyanasampanna
Bhuvaneshwarya Supreme Dei

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