Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ambabai Temple


Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) temple has a rich & glorious history. The construction begun before 12th century & existing temple was built during late 12th century. The maximum construction of this temple is been built by Shilahar King during 12th century.
The architecture of the temple is purely Chalukyan & not Dravidian.
The Sanskrit inscription on a stone tablet in the wall of the house of Annacharya Panditrao, now in the town hall museum says,“The great Kind Bhojadeva was reigning peacefully with pleasing conversation at Panhala; in 1190. He with a view to ensure the prosperity of his king-
dom, and for the maintenance of the people residing in the monastery built by his dependent Loka-nayaka, for performing five kinds of worships of the deities Amruteshwara & Uma-Maheshwara, for offering to the goddess Mahalaxmi three times a day. And for the maintenance of his dependant Brahmins, and for the repairs of the monastery, granted in charity to four persons residing at the monastery.”

The Sanskrit inscription on a pillar in the temple of Ganpati to the west of Shri Ambabai temple is dated 1218 A. D. It belongs to the reign of king Tailama of the Devagiri Yadava dynasty. In it he is said to have pleased Mahalaxmi by many presents of jewellery.

After the Stone Age begins the paper age; wherein characters from 18 th century onwards are issued on paper and are preserved to the present age.

With reference to these documents; we can imagine the time lines of Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) temple.

According to the Hindu mythology; there are five major ways through which gods are worshiped. They are
Shakta 2) Shaiva 3) Soura 4) Vaishnav & 5) Ganpatya
Every way has its own supreme god. And they have a concrete belief that their god invented this nature.
1. Shaktas worship god Shakti, 2. Shaivas worship god Shiva, 3. Sourasworship god Sun, 4. Vaishnavas worship god Vishnu & 5. Ganpatyasworship god Ganesha.
Among these five gods, one being worshiped by Shaktas since ages is shakti.Shakti means goddess Mahalaxmi. In & around Kolhapur goddess Mahalaxmi is known as Ambabai.

According to Yoga shastra, human body contains the universe in it & is made of seven chakras. The ‘Muladhar Chakra’ has its goddess Mahalaxmi.

The evidences of the greatness of the goddess can be found in famous mythological writings such as the Karveermahatmya, Devimahatmya, Vishnu Puran, Kedarvijay etc. If we try to discover the evidences mentioned in these famous writings, the destinations can still be found with same or another names. One thing is true, everything desires a sincere discovery and the world of miracles will be explored.